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Re-motivated! [Aug. 10th, 2008|03:00 pm]
This weekend has been much better than the past one.

First, I've gotten a bit written on my dissertation! Hopefully that trend will continue through this afternoon.

Second, we did our massive grocery buy (we only go every 6 weeks or so for nearly everything, except milk, eggs, and fruit).

Third, played (and won) a great game of Wealth of Nations. Summary: it's Settlers of Catan, but you have to buy and burn resources, in addition to using them to build stuff (sort of like Power Grid).

Fourth, bought Race for the Galaxy.

Fifth, printed and cut a copy of Oh No, There Goes Tokyo. Basically, you must save the tasty people of Tokyo from all of the giant reptiles. This also served as a test to see how possible it is to use full-sheet label stock along with book boards to make a board. I'd say it was a big success, though I wish I could find some cardboard stock that was a tad cheaper (book board is approximately $1 per 13"x19" board, plus I have to ship it).

Sixth, working out a plan for some virtual private server action. I'll dedicate some time next weekend to setting it up (to secure MySQL, a mail server of some sort, apache, Ruby, and mod_python).